Gobblerito Day 2018

Gobblerito Day 2018

The Bird-O-Plenty makes a brief, one-day visit in the spring, and it’s the only time you’ll see this delicious beast until the leaves are dropping off the trees.

The Gobblerito

It’s a whole Thanksgiving feast of house-roasted turkey, black bean mashed potatoes, bread stuffing and corn all crammed into a monstrous burrito, and doused with enough gravy to put out a small fire. Wobbly cranberry sauce on the side, too.

TryptoFantastic Voyage

TryptoFantastic Voyage Drafts

This year, we worked with Hitchhiker Brewing Co. in Sharpsburg to create the perfect beer to pair with your Gobblerito. Rolling out New England style, just like the Pilgrims, this IPA gets its deep haze and creamy mouthfeel from rolled oats, and the citrus-forward character from fresh grapefruit zest and a dry hopping of Citra and Simcoe. It’s a single batch brewed exclusively for Mad Mex, available while supplies last.