The Gobblerito

Tales have been told of its coming...legends spun around wintery campfires. The fabled beast feast that launched a thousand food comas. The savory monstrosity that will challenge your appetite to a duel for the ages...and it will win.


Everything you would ever want or would ever hope to consume on Thanksgiving Day...smashed together and rolled up in a Mad Mex tortilla. We're talking the most savory of turkeys, the mashiest of potatoes, breadiest of stuffing, loaded with corn and doused in gravy. So crammed full is this burrito that we had to serve the cranberry sauce on the side. Rumor has it that The Gobblerito tastes best when washed down with one of our many seasonal IPAs...light enough to cleanse the palate, and flavorful enough to hold its ground against the onslaught of this epic burrito.

We dare you to take the challenge this holiday season. The Gobblerito will be in town until the day before Thanksgiving.

"A blending of cultures and traditions with a dash of gluttony." -Gab Bonesso

"You know, it's really not half bad, in a hilarious sort of trashy way." -G.A. Benton

"It's the Thanksgiving feast you can hold in your hands." -Bob Batz, Jr.

"I just had the most outrageously good #gobblerito. You have literally no &#*%ing idea." -MaryLoluise