Mad mEx cAtERing

When you need an order of Mex anywhere between grande and masivo, we’ve got you covered.

Pickup Catering

Ordering Pickup Catering is as easy as getting takeout! Please place your order at least 48 hours in advance.

Check out our offerings in our Mad Mex Catering menu, and when you’re ready to order, use the button below.

  • Orders may also be placed by phone
  • For orders over $1,000, please contact the restaurant directly.
  • Place your order a minimum of 48 hours before scheduled pick up time. Orders may be placed up to two weeks in advance.
Order Pickup cateringOrder Pickup catering


Delivery & Set Up

Our Delivery Catering arrives at your desired location fully cooked with no additional preparation needed. More than a drop-off service, we set up the spread with everything you need for a great buffet service, including all plates, plasticware, single-use chafing trays and more.

Delivery with Staff

This option adds our experienced employees to our Delivery & Set Up service to cover the staffing needs of your event.

For Delivery Catering, orders may be placed a minimum of 72 hours in advance at

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